Biography Paul Archibald Caron

Paul Archibald Caron Drawing Raw

Born in Montreal, Caron studied drawing and painting under William Brymner, Maurice Cullen and Edmond Dyonnet at the Art Association of Montreal School; also in New York and Philadelphia. He worked as: draughtsman for J.C. Spence & Sons in Montreal, makers of stained-glass (1891-1902); as an illustrator for La Presse (1897-1908) as well as an illustrator at the Montreal Star, an illustrator and later director for Desbarats Advertising Agency in Montreal. 

Caron turned to full-time painting of old buildings and ancient cottages in the districts of Montreal and Quebec City, landscapes of the Laurentians and Baie St. Paul region. This is the region our drawings was completed. 

He won the Jessie Dow Prize for water colours twice (1931) (1936). Four of his beautiful landscapes in oils decorated Blodwen Davies' Saguenay (1930). He exhibited with: RCA; Spring Shows, Art Assoc. of Montreal. (MMFA); OSA and the Fine Arts Section, as well as the Canadian National Exhibition. The National Gallery of Canada has two examples of his work, Infant (1915), pastel on buff paper, and Old-Shops Notre-Dame Street (1923), water colour over graphite on heavy wove paper. 

Caron died in Montreal in 1941 at the age of 67. His affiliations were: Newspaper Artists' Assoc. (1903); Arts Club of Montreal. (1912); CSGA (1924-36); CPE (1929); Pen & Pencil Club, Mtl. (1937); ARCA (1939).

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